Maria is one of the top realist artists in Sri Lanka who has been selling her original life-like wildlife paintings in Oils and acrylics across the world for over 20 years using her art to support a good cause.

She lives in the wilderness surrounded by wildlife and birds, especially elephants, deers, wild cats, wild water buffaloes, peacocks , butterflies to name a few. This is why most of her wildlife paintings are done without references.

These Wildlife paintings are mostly of endemic wildlife of Sri Lanka and are created with careful observation and in detail with her own techniques and unique style she gained over the years experimenting and improving her skills in creating a painting of realism. To give realism in to Wildlife Paintings, Maria spend hours and hours outdoors.
"Getting to know the subject in their natural habitat plays a major impact on the finished product" says the painter.
Following are the available wildlife paintings for sale. Click on the images to get a clear understanding of them