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Original Realistic Art



MARIA ABEYESEKRE is  an award winning realist artist, entirely self taught whose unique style is done by classical realism, specialises in acrylics, oils and pencils and her subject matter is varied to landscapes, Portraits, still-life & wildlife. 


Her art is held in private collections across the world and she donates a percentage from each sale of her work to a good cause she truly believes in.

She lives amongst the wilderness in the Central highlands of beautiful island, Sri lanka and says the serenity and the scenic beauty of where she is, makes the perfect environment for her to paint more.

"It is a hard and demanding discipline to succeed in realism into a painting. It needs devotion, patience and practice." - Maria Abeyesekere

Maria Abeyesekere - Sri Lankan Realist Artist
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Eagle, pencil drawing of Maria Abeyesekere


Village kids photographed by Maria Abeyesekere

"Let my art talk & Help the needy"

When you buy an artwork, you not only buying an object but also support a good cause.

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Worldwide Free Delivery up to 16"x20" streched canvas

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